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Yachts de Paris: exceptional venues

To make sure that your exper­i­ence lives up to your expect­a­tions, we offer you Yachts and Salons on the banks of the Seine with unique atmo­spheres.

Discover the Atelier, a unique space in the heart of Paris

The Atelier is like a huge bubble made from glass and wood on the banks of the Seine—open, spacious and bright—its ambi­ance is both chic and relaxed. You can easily imagine it host­ing your wedding recep­tion or even a seminar for a young start-up company. The Atelier is an ideal choice for your profes­sional and private events when you want to encour­age a sense of well-being and open people up for conver­sa­tion.

  • Capa­­city of up to 50 people in cock­tail format
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  • entree-espace-bar
  • prise-de-note-yacht-de-paris

Offer your guests a special moment by the Seine

If you look­ing for a venue to hire in Paris, your guests will be enchanted by the choice loca­tion of the Atelier, its unique decor­a­tion with natural and indus­trial mater­i­als, and its friendly, modern ambi­ance. Its spacious and cozy format makes it a comfort­able Salon where every­body will feel at home.

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  • Atelier 4
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Imagine it as a prelude to a getaway on a yacht

The Atelier is the perfect place to bring together your friends and family or colleagues to offer them a shared moment for early even­ing drinks. Why not then book a yacht to continue the fest­iv­it­ies and use the change of scenery to take your guests into another ambi­ance? Whether you would like the setting of a transat­lantic cruise, or a futur­istic or neo-clas­sical vibe, our yachts are at hand to bring your event to life.

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Enjoy the Yachts de Paris experience

Whether you are a private indi­vidual or a profes­sional, we will take your event to the next level by offer­ing you intense emotions on the Seine.