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Yachts de Paris: exceptional venues

To make sure that your exper­i­ence lives up to your expect­a­tions, we offer you Yachts and Salons on the banks of the Seine with unique atmo­spheres.


Bring together loved ones in a luxurious setting

A jewell in the Yachts de Paris crown, this venue boasts the handi­work of some of the finest craftspeople in France, and is bound to make your guests feel like VIPs. The Cachemire is also sure to show your guests you hold them in high regard, whether friends and family on a private cruise or busi­ness part­ners there for a profes­sional dinner. This is the perfect Parisian back­drop for import­ant occa­sions.

  • Capa­city of 2 to 18 people
  • 22m2 main deck
  • Wheel­house, kitchen and retract­able rood
  • rose-et-dressage-cachemire
  • couple-de-fauteuil-cachemire
  • fauteuil-interieur-cachemire

Make new memories on the Cachemire

Regard­less of the occa­sion, a private cruise on the River Seine aboard the Cachemire will always add the wow factor. See Paris in a new light as you contem­plate the glisten­ing River Seine, admire how the sky changes as times goes by and enjoy the cosy atmo­sphere around the fire­place on the Cachemire. 

  • 12 people in seated format
  • 15 people in drinks recep­tion format
  • salon-canape-exterieur-cachemire
  • bastinguage-exterieur-yacht
  • arriere-du-yacht-nom-en-bleu

Map out your own route

Choose the route for your cruise through Paris! The Cachemire acts as a beau­ti­ful getaway from every­day life, as you sail down the River Seine enjoy­ing a unique lunch, memor­able dinner or romantic even­ing. 

  • table-deux-personnes-cachemire
  • table-en-bois-cheminee-et-roses
  • main-sur-le-gouvernail

Onboard excellence guaranteed

Whether you hold your event in one or more of our venues, we prom­ise a smooth and pleas­ant customer exper­i­ence thanks to our special­ist services and equip­ment.

  • Music

    Built-in hi-fi system

  • Projection equipment

    Plasma screen and DVD player

  • Combination package

    Organ­ise an event on several yachts and/or lounges

Enjoy the Yachts de Paris experience

Whether you are a private indi­vidual or a profes­sional, we will take your event to the next level by offer­ing you intense emotions on the Seine.