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Yachts de Paris: exceptional venues

To make sure that your exper­i­ence lives up to your expect­a­tions, we offer you Yachts and Salons on the banks of the Seine with unique atmo­spheres.


Bring together your happy few in a luxurious setting

Like a show­case for Yachts de Paris, this salon embel­lished by the finest craftspeople in France offers your guests a moment when they will feel priv­ileged. The Cachemire will embody the esteem in which you hold your guests, whether they are your friends and family on a private cruise or busi­ness part­ners for a profes­sional dinner. The perfect back­drop to under­line the import­ance of a moment at the heart of Paris.

  • Capa­city of 2 to 18 people
  • 22m2 main deck
  • A wheel­house, kitchen and slid­ing roof are avail­able
  • couple-de-fauteuil-cachemire
  • table-deux-personnes-cachemire
  • champagne-dans-un-seau-cachemire
  • fauteuil-interieur-cachemire

Create an unforgettable memory on the Cachemire

Regard­less of the occa­sion, a private cruise on the Seine aboard the Cachemire is always a unique exper­i­ence that is sure to offer intense emotions. See Paris in a new light with the glisten­ing Seine, the way the sky changes as the hours pass and the cozy heat of the fire­place on the Cachemire. 

  • 14 people for a seated format
  • 18 people in recep­tion format
  • arriere-du-yacht-nom-en-bleu
  • salon-canape-exterieur-cachemire
  • bastinguage-exterieur-yacht

Imagine a customized voyage

You are free to choose the route for your cruise in Paris. The Cachemire will act as your beau­ti­ful getaway to sail on the Seine for a unique lunch, a memor­able dinner or a romantic even­ing. 

  • main-sur-le-gouvernail
  • art-de-la-table-desir-de-servir
  • table-en-bois-cheminee-et-roses

Promise yourself excellence on-board

Whether your event is to be held in one or more of our venues, we will offer you a seam­less and pleas­ant exper­i­ence thanks to our differ­ent services.

  • Music

    Built-in hi-fi system

  • Projection equipment

    Plasma screen and DVD player

  • Combined offer

    Imagine an event on several yachts and/or salons

Enjoy the Yachts de Paris experience

Whether you are a private indi­vidual or a profes­sional, we will take your event to the next level by offer­ing you intense emotions on the Seine.