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Yachts de Paris: exceptional venues

To make sure that your exper­i­ence lives up to your expect­a­tions, we offer you Yachts and Salons on the banks of the Seine with unique atmo­spheres.


Celebrate the luxury yachting lifestyle on the Acajou

Offer your­self the refine­ment and cozy ambi­ance of the Acajou. Step on-board for eleg­ant moments to celeb­rate weddings or for your corpor­ate events. Its clas­sical paint­ings and wooden panel­ing make it like a private lounge that inspires warm conver­sa­tion: an ideal intim­ate setting for your seminars and team build­ing in small groups.

  • Capa­city of 30 to 80 people
  • 100m2 main deck
  • 53m2 upper deck
  • A cloak­room and kitchen are avail­able


  • coucher-de-soleil-sur-la-seine
  • salle-de-seminaire-acajou
  • dressage-de-table-interieur-acajou

Enjoy a private space for your event

Whatever the occa­sion, the Acajou will make your event more special Its spaces are flex­ible and can be set up to suit your needs, its decor can be enriched by your personal touches, and its intim­acy will bring your guests closer. 

  • 50 people in company seminar format
  • 63 people for round tables
  • 80 people in recep­tion format
  • ecran-de-projecteur-salon
  • hublot-babord-acajou

Dawdle on a cozy upper deck

To continue the eleg­ant exper­i­ence of yacht­ing, the Acajou’s upper deck enjoys the same attire as its main deck: its layout and furniture are imbued with relax­a­tion and convi­vi­al­ity. The ideal setting for a cock­tail recep­tion or a seated meal.

  • salon-exterieur-canape-pont
  • pont-yacht-drapeau-flottant
  • acajou-nom-en-bleu

Promise yourself excellence on-board

Whether your event is to be held in one or more of our venues, we will offer you a seam­less and pleas­ant exper­i­ence thanks to our differ­ent services and our equip­ment.

  • Projection equipment

    micro­phone, screen and video projector

  • Catering

    on-board kitchen and caterer

  • Music

    built-in hi-fi system

  • Combined offer

    Imagine an event on several yachts and/or salons

Enjoy the Yachts de Paris experience

Whether you are a private indi­vidual or a profes­sional, we will take your event to the next level by offer­ing you intense emotions on the Seine.