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Practical Information

We have three quays in Paris. They are respect­ively located in the West and East of the city. 

Access to our Yachts and Salons

Yachts de Paris West - Port de Javel haut 75015 Paris 

Access by public trans­port
Metro station: Javel-André Citroën / RER C: Javel 

Access to the port
Access between Pont Mira­­beau and Pont de Grenelle on the left bank. Pedes­trian access is possible from Pont Mira­­beau or on Quai André Citroën.


  • The Paque­bot


  • The Liberty Barge
  • The Nework Salons
  • The Don Juan II Restaur­ant
  • Port Henri IV – 75004 Paris 


Yachts de Paris East - Port Henri IV 75004 Paris

Access by public trans­port
Metro: the Metro station Sully Morland is 200 meters away. 

Access to the port
From west­­ern Paris, Voie Georges Pomp­idou, exit for Bastille just after Pont Marie. Follow Quai des Célestins, then Quai Henri IV. Pedes­trian access to the Port is located oppos­ite 10 bis quai Henri IV. 


  • The Cachemire
  • The Acajou
  • The Victoria
  • The Excel­lence
  • The Mirage


  • The Atelier


The Don Juan II Restaur­ant - Port Debilly, oppos­ite the Eiffel Tower on the Right Bank

You will find the Don Juan II docked at Port Debilly, oppos­ite the Eiffel Tower on the Right Bank.
The Don Juan II will host you from 8.30 pm Monday to Saturday, book­ings only.
Free park­ing is avail­able.
Public trans­port: Metro station: Trocadéro (line 6) – Metro station Iéna (line 9) – RER Station Iéna (RER C)