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Yachts de Paris: Art de vivre on the River Seine

Foun­ded in 1993, Yachts de Paris offers the most beau­ti­ful way to enjoy the River Seine. Thanks to our yachts and quaysde lounges, you’ll see the city in a whole new light, all while exper­i­en­cing the soph­ist­ic­ated world of luxury yacht­ing. Yachts de Paris takes happy moments and turns them into excep­tional moments, all against the time­less back­drop of the City of Light.


The promise of an exceptional experience

Nobody ever chooses Yachts de Paris by chance. While a cruise on the River Seine allows you to view all the sights of the City of Light, we prom­ise a little some­thing extra, which will inspire and beguile, thanks to our yachts, quay­side lounges and the Don Juan II restaur­ant, where the kitchen is the culin­ary play­ground of talen­ted Chef Frédéric Anton.


A magical, dreamlike experience

Your jour­ney begins on the quays at the heart of Paris. Here, our uniformed staff will welcome you and invite you onboard. Tradi­tional yet modern, every aspect of our venues has been designed to convey both eleg­ance and excel­lence.

Enjoy a glass of cham­pagne on the deck as Paris unfolds before you and time stands still for a moment. Like you, many pres­ti­gi­ous compan­ies and indi­vidu­als have enjoyed the exper­i­ence of sail­ing with Yachts de Paris down the most beau­ti­ful avenue in Paris, the River Seine.


Lenôtre: French cuisine at its finest

Along­side our cater­ing part­ner Lenôtre, Yachts de Paris aims to provide the most incred­ible exper­i­ence possible on the River Seine. Driven by a family spirit that celeb­rates shar­ing and gener­os­ity, Lenôtre expresses its passion for food through the finer details that make its food outstand­ing. Here, French cuisine is turned into modern, living herit­age, the pleas­ures of which are combined with a commit­ment to protect­ing the envir­on­ment. 


Sustainable change

We are aware of how the world is chan­ging and the changes we need to make to help protect it. We are there­fore proud to work with local produ­cers and promote a circu­lar economy. We are actively work­ing on trans­form­ing the energy sources of our fleet of yachts, focus­ing on hybrid and elec­trical engines.

As respect­ing people goes hand in hand with respect­ing the world around us, we are commit­ted to build­ing our talent, encour­aging diversity and cham­pi­on­ing the health, safety and fulfil­ment of our staff. 

Enjoy the Yachts de Paris experience

Whether you are a private indi­vidual or a profes­sional, we will take your event to the next level by offer­ing you intense emotions on the Seine.