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Cookies Policy


The Sodexo Group considers the protec­tion of your Personal Data to be of great import­ance. 

This Cookie Policy (the “Policy”) is inten­ded to describe the meas­ures that we take to respect the privacy of all of the visit­ors and the users on our Portal.

Indeed, we may use cook­ies and other similar tech­no­lo­gies to improve the perform­ance of our Portal and to offer you the best brows­ing exper­i­ence.  Some parts of our Portal may also save cook­ies in order to know you better; this allows us to offer you the most appro­pri­ate inform­a­tion about our services.


“Personal Data”    refers to any inform­a­tion regard­ing an iden­ti­fied or iden­ti­fi­able natural person; an “iden­ti­fi­able natural person” is considered to be a natural person who can be iden­ti­fied directly or indir­ectly in partic­u­lar by refer­ence to an iden­ti­fier, such as a name, an iden­ti­fic­a­tion number, loca­tion data, an online iden­ti­fier, or one or more specific pieces of inform­a­tion relat­ing to their phys­ical, physiolo­gical, genetic, psycho­lo­gical, economic, cultural or social iden­tity (here­in­after the “Data subject”).   

“Pref­er­ences Section”    refers to the inter­face on which you shall be able to accept or refuse, at any time, the saving of certain cook­ies on your Terminal and where you can consult all the inform­a­tion about them.

“we”, “us” or “our”    refers to the Sodexo Group entity that conducts the Personal Data Processing activ­it­ies.
“Data Control­ler”    refers to the natural or legal person that determ­ines the purposes and means for data processing. For further inform­a­tion about the Data Control­ler, please refer to our Privacy Policy and, where applic­able, our Pref­er­ences Section

“Data Processor”    refers to the natural or legal person that processes Personal Data on behalf of the Data Control­ler.

“you”    refers to any user / visitor to the Portal.

“Terminal / Termin­als”    refers to your computer, tablet computer, smart­phone or any other appli­ance/device that allows you to access and visit our Portal.

“Portal”    refers to this online portal and/or, where applic­able, the mobile applic­a­tion and any sub-sites, mirror sites, portals or differ­ent URLs related thereto. 


In this Policy, the term “cook­ies” is used to refer to cook­ies and other similar tech­no­lo­gies (for example “web beacons”).

A “cookie” is a small data file that is sent through your browser when you are on our Portal and saved on your Terminal. This file includes inform­a­tion such as the domain name, the inter­net service provider, the oper­at­ing system, and the date and time of access by the user. These cook­ies do not pose any threat to your Terminal and in partic­u­lar make it possible to help you to browse on our Portal effi­ciently and to perform certain func­tions.  

If you do not wish to receive cook­ies from our Portal you can config­ure this choice using the method described in section 6 below. 


We may use the follow­ing cook­ies:

•    Session cook­ies: these cook­ies enable us to track your actions during a brows­ing session and are auto­mat­ic­ally deleted when you close your browser;

•    Persist­ent cook­ies: these cook­ies are stored on your Terminal until a defined expiry date, which may last for a few minutes or several days. They may be used for differ­ent purposes, in partic­u­lar to remem­ber your pref­er­ences and your choices when you consult our Portal or to target advert­ising;

•    First-party cook­ies: these cook­ies are installed by our Portal at the time of your visit to improve your exper­i­ence;

•    Third-party cook­ies: these cook­ies are installed by a third party to enable it to provide you with its services. For further inform­a­tion about these cook­ies, please consult their cookie policy.

The cook­ies and other similar tech­no­lo­gies used by our Portal are clas­si­fied as follows:
-    Essen­tial cook­ies:
-    Audi­ence meas­ure­ment cook­ies;
-    Target­ing cook­ies.



Essen­tial cook­ies include the strictly neces­sary cook­ies that we use for the oper­a­tion of our Portal. 

The strictly neces­sary cook­ies are gener­ally placed in response to actions that you take on our Portal and corres­pond to a request for services, such as the config­ur­a­tion of your privacy pref­er­ences, open­ing a session or when you fill in forms (e.g. to register for an event or to give your opin­ion).

You can config­ure your browser so that it blocks or warns you about the exist­ence of these cook­ies, but please note that some pages of our Portal may no longer be displayed correctly or you shall no longer be able to use some of the Services that are offered to you. 



These cook­ies, which include analyt­ical cook­ies, help us to assess the qual­ity and the design of our Portal. They allow us to meas­ure how often a page has been visited, to know which pages are visited the most and the least, and to see how visit­ors browse around our Portal so that we can improve their exper­i­ence. The inform­a­tion provided by these cook­ies may be aggreg­ated. If you do not accept these cook­ies (or if you with­draw your consent), we shall not have any indic­a­tion to help us improve our Portal.

Our Portal may also occa­sion­ally use “web beacons” that identify the number of visit­ors who have accessed our Portal after having viewed one of our advert­ising banners placed on a third-party website. We do not use this tech­no­logy to access your Personal Data. This tech­no­logy is only used to estab­lish global stat­ist­ics about the visit­ors who access our Portal to assess the effect­ive­ness of our advert­ise­ments.

Your consent is required to use most of the cook­ies referred to above. For further inform­a­tion on how to manage cook­ies on our Portal (in partic­u­lar on giving and with­draw­ing your consent), please see section 6 below.



These cook­ies are imple­men­ted on our Portal by us and/or our advert­ising part­ners to show you the most relev­ant advert­ise­ments that corres­pond to your interests. These cook­ies only make it possible to identify your browser and your Terminal. If you do not accept these cook­ies, you will not bene­fit from advert­ise­ments that are targeted on your interests on other websites.

These cook­ies collect inform­a­tion about the follow­ing: the page from which you accessed the Portal, the page on which the advert­ise­ment was shown to you, the advert­ising mater­ial that you read, the Terminal that you used to access the Website and what you down­load. 

Further­more, we also use cook­ies on some pages of our Portal to commu­nic­ate with third-party cookie providers to know your online habits. These cook­ies help us to know you better and to target the advert­ise­ments that may interest you.  All the inform­a­tion that we use may be aggreg­ated and includes stat­ist­ics such as demo­graphic data, online beha­vior, the products that interest you and your habits. 

Your consent is required to use most of the cook­ies referred to above. For further Inform­a­tion on how to manage cook­ies on our Portal (in partic­u­lar on giving and with­draw­ing your consent), please see section 6 below.



You can find out about the conser­va­tion time limit of the cook­ies saved on your Terminal by consult­ing our Pref­er­ences Section



The essen­tial cook­ies do not require your consent.

We ask for your consent before saving the analyt­ical and target­ing cook­ies on your Terminal. You can give or refuse to give your consent for cook­ies at any time by:
    Open­ing our Pref­er­ences Section;
    Config­ur­ing your browser to accept or refuse cook­ies.

However, please note that deac­tiv­at­ing some cook­ies may prevent you from enjoy­ing all of the func­tional features of our Portal. For example, you may not bene­fit from auto­matic connec­tion and other custom­iz­a­tion features on our Portal.

Please also note that you must config­ure each browser on your differ­ent Termin­als. There are differ­ent ways to config­ure your browsers. We recom­mend that you refer to the “Help” section of the browser that you use to under­stand how to config­ure and apply your options. 

-    For Inter­net Explorer™:­ies-168d­ab11–0753–043d-7c16-ede5947fc64d;
-    For Safari™:;
-    For Chrome™:
-    For Fire­fox™:­ing-protec­tion-fire­fox-desktop;
-    For Opera™:­er­ences/#cook­ies.

You can also deac­tiv­ate “Google Analyt­ics” audi­ence meas­ure­ment cook­ies by down­load­ing the module avail­able from the follow­ing address:­tout/;

You can also deac­tiv­ate the LinkedIn Insight web beacon by modi­fy­ing your user settings on LinkedIn:­tings/. 


We may update or amend this policy from time to time in the event that our Services and our legal oblig­a­tions change in a substan­tial manner. In the event that we make any signi­fic­ant changes to this policy, we shall publish an inform­a­tion note on our Portal at the time when the changes in ques­tion enter into force. Please consult this page regu­larly to keep track of any modi­fic­a­tions.

If you have any ques­tions or comments regard­ing this policy, please feel free to contact us using our Contact form or by send­ing an email to­o­ or contact our Group Data Protec­tion Officer at­o­
If you wish to file a complaint about us regard­ing the protec­tion of your privacy, please complete our Contact form. You can also file a complaint with the French Data Protec­tion Author­ity (Commis­sion Nationale de l’In­form­atique et des Liber­tés) on the follow­ing link: 

Last update: March 2021