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Yachts de Paris: exceptional venues

To make sure that your exper­i­ence lives up to your expect­a­tions, we offer you Yachts and Salons on the banks of the Seine with unique atmo­spheres.


Make the most of Parisian nights onboard the Mirage

Enjoy an even­ing amid the futur­istic decor of the Mirage! Admire Paris from the yacht’s vast bay windows and dance the night away on the dance­floor. An escape from every­day life that can be organ­ised in whichever way you wish, from welcome drinks right down to the last drink of the even­ing.

  • Capa­city of 100 to 230 people
  • 285m2 main deck
  • Cloak­room, dining room, saloon bar and rear deck
  • intérieur-mirage
  • Séminaire Mirage
  • poupe-lumiere-du-jour
  • Dejeuner fenetre Mirage

Choose a futuristic setting for your event

The Mirage is a party yacht that is more than happy to adapt its services to suit your event. With special light­ing, DJ booth and friendly atmo­sphere, it feels not unlike a Parisian nightclub and prom­ises guests a night out that’s full of fun.

  • 180 people in seated format
  • 230 people in drinks recep­tion format
  • 150 people in seminar format
  • Tables déjeuner Mirage
  • Salon Mirage
  • vue-exterieure-et-drapeau-mirage

Organise an event that spans day and night

Why not let your creat­ive juices flow and plan an event that takes place both in the day and at night? Invite guests for a meal at one of our quay­side lounges then board the Mirage for an fun and unfor­get­table cruise on the River Seine!

  • focus table déjeuner mirage
  • Format-cocktail-Mirage
  • Mirage-Yachts-de-Paris

Onboard excellence guaranteed

Whether you hold your event in one or more of our venues, we prom­ise a smooth and pleas­ant customer exper­i­ence thanks to our special­ist services and equip­ment.

  • Music

    built-in hi-fi system

  • Projection equipment

    projec­tion screen, video projector, plasma screens, micro­phone

  • Combination package

    Organ­ise an event on several yachts and/or lounges

Enjoy the Yachts de Paris experience

Whether you are a private indi­vidual or a profes­sional, we will take your event to the next level by offer­ing you intense emotions on the Seine.