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The Seine lifestyle

We are proud to offer the Seine lifestyle on a daily basis to the business and private clients that place their trust in us.

Every event is unique: for over 20 years, our team of enthusiasts has placed the renowned expertise of our 33 sectors at your service.
Our know-how is dedicated to the success of all your ideas.

Come on board with us on our 8 yachts and private rooms along the banks of the Seine.


Over the years

A dream of elegance and gourmet cuisine on the current of the Seine: in 1993, the remarkable Yachts de Paris adventure began:

Don Juan I, a 30-metre yacht, was the first boat in the fleet.
The elegant alliance of a French culinary tradition married with an alluring Parisian cruise.

In 1998, the second milestone: the arrival of Paquebot, a hotspot for Parisian events with an onboard capacity for 800 people, the biggest in Europe.

Over twenty years later, Yachts de Paris has built a fleet of 8 boats ranging from Cachemire, a small 20 metre-long yacht, to Mirage and Paquebot (85 metres long).

In 2014, a new area for events of over 1500 metres centering around the Nework Rooms and the Liberty Barge will open at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.

The firm Yachts de Paris has been hosting “the Seine lifestyle” since 1993.
Today there are 1,200 events and over 100,000 passengers per year, a permanent team of 50 enthusiastic staff who aspire to the same governing principle everyday: to bring you excellence!



20 years of expertise at your service

Since 1993, our know-how has been synonymous with charming yachts and French gourmet cuisine.

Listening closely to our clients, we as a team offer you an exclusive experience that brings you the best of the Seine.

The excellence of the service is based around the design of the boats, inspired by the yachts of the post-war Riviera for some or by the golden age of the transatlantic liners for others, an extensive pool of expertise in the form of the best French creators and the highest standards of hospitality.

détail 7 personnel

A dedicated team

Three expert areas listening to your needs

Enterprise, business tourism and events or private functions:
nos three expert areas Yachts de Paris, listening to your needs and specific requests, helps you to plan events as you see fit, on a turnkey or bespoke basis: business meetings or family reunions, gala receptions, seminars, dinner cruises, showrooms, conventions, product launches, weddings, birthdays, etc.

From the drawing up of the plans to the day of the event, your contact will be a preferred partner to advise and guide you in formulating your plans and to ensure that they are faithfully followed through in compliance with our ethics and confidentiality charter.

Inspire emotion, offer comfort, surprise with originality, be an expert in excellence…: place your trust in 20 years of know-how.




A culinary journey

For 10 years, Yachts de Paris and the firm Lenôtre have been united around common values: the passion for the profession and the quest for excellence.

Choice of fine basic ingredients, creation of exclusive products, creative boldness, human talent, etc. - all the ingredients for a journey of the senses.

A unique know-how served exclusively on board our yachts and private rooms.

Gourmet cuisine by Lenôtre

Yachts de Paris and the firm Lenôtre are united around common values: the passion for the profession and the quest for excellence.

An artisan with 50 years of experience, a leader in French gourmet cuisine and attentive to all your requirements, Lenôtre puts its know-how, experience and passion for refinement and quality at the service of your guests.

A team of qualified chefs and "Best French Artisans" offer you the best of French gourmet cuisine.

Their devoted mission is to let you discover new tastes and seduce you with expert, discerning mixtures of flavours, while always putting the emphasis on high-quality products.

Prestigious gourmet cuisine to ensure that the moments spent with your guests are unique and unforgettable!

Lenôtre dessert 2



At the heart of our jobs

On the great Parisian river of the Seine, in the peaceful setting of our yachts and private rooms, each event is a unique performance.
From the rising of the curtain to the final act, time stands still as you experience a wonderful variety of flavours.

A "Seine lifestyle" created behind the scenes with the discerning coordination of experts from different trades who work tirelessly and enthusiastically throughout the day to offer you the very best: this is the key to the success of every operation.
From the kitchens to the wheelhouse, on the deck or on the quay, the secrets of this magic trick lie here.

Onboard secrets…

Behind the scenes of the preparations

The sun rises on the Seine, to the East, Notre Dame port.

6 am: the first team are already busy clearing up after the previous night's festivities.

8 am: first briefing of the morning held by the Director of Operations who announces the distribution of the day's tasks.

9 am: the first boats leave for new pilot training. Acquainted with the secrets of the river for many years, the firm's long-standing staff train the young recruits with exactingness on the techniques of tricky manoeuvres for navigating under the bridges. 
Meanwhile, the technical team of mechanics, electricians and carpenters take care of performing checks on the boats.

2 pm: the crews ensure the elegance of the yachts by maintaining them on a daily basis (washing the deck, polishing the brass, wooden floors and tiles, etc.)

3 pm: the steward and the sales and marketing department check every detail of the briefing of the bespoke evening function.
Flowers, furniture, decoration, entertainment providers: the first deliveries arrive and the service team springs into action to get things ready.

After the chefs of the firm Lenôtre have checked the deliveries in the kitchen, it is time to impeccably set the tables and arrange the decor: fine china,
crockery made by leading French firms, white gloves, floral and musical compositions, warm plaid rugs for the top deck, etc.
The head steward, maîtres d’s, stewardesses, valets, waiters, security guards, suppliers, etc. are the discreet actors in a living theatre where the French art of hospitality is played out.
5 pm: the head steward takes possession of his boat and carries out the last checks.
6 pm: the hustle and bustle gives way to a last wave of calm before the beginning of the evening function and a last bearing is taken. The tension subsides. The quay becomes peaceful.
Spotless sailor's uniform, white shirt, polished shoes: the captain and the head steward await the first guests with a calm smile.

The promise of a starry journey.

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The firm Yachts de Paris