- Are your Yachts and quayside spaces open again?

We now have the pleasure of hosting events on our Yachts and in our quayside spaces that comply with social distancing rules. For more information, please contact our sales department: contacts@ydp.fr

- Are site visits now possible ?

We can organise visits by appointment that comply with the health protocol put in place to protect you and our teams (more information on our commitments here). To plan your next visit, you can now get in touch with our teams  at this address : contacts@ydp.fr

- What measures have been taken to disinfect and clean your venues?

We have enhanced cleaning in reception areas and rooms, which are regularly disinfected following a specific procedure using virucidal products.

We have increased the number of walkways and dedicated cleaning staff.

All our spaces benefit from regular airing overseen by our teams.

We also have open-air spaces such as our boat decks that are conducive to the resumption of your events, and the Salons Nework that benefits from a fully retractable 425m² glass roof for open sky events. 

Maintenance of air conditioning systems is subject to an internal procedure that meets regulatory requirements.   

- What measures have been taken as regards reception capacity and organising traffic flow in your venues? 

For everyone's comfort and safety, we have limited the number of participants on our boats and in quayside spaces, and reviewed the capacity of our various rooms and reception areas  (In accordance with Decree No. 2020-663 of 31 May 2020 prescribing the necessary measures for dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic).

Measures are taken in spaces to respect social distancing and a one-way traffic flow has been established throughout the venue (ground markings, one-way direction of traffic, information boards...).

In the event that we cannot accommodate the number of participants initially planned in one of our rooms, we are able to offer you alternative solutions by broadcasting your event in our quayside spaces, Les Salons Nework and La Barge Liberty. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our teams who will provide solutions to suit your needs: contacts@ydp.fr   

The cloakroom service remains assured during events.

As regards the possibility of storing parcels or materials from outside, mail crates and boxes are quarantined for 72 hours, marked out on the ground, before being removed where possible. In the event that a quarantine period is not feasible, mandatory protective measures such as hand washing and wearing disposable gloves will be adhered to. 

- What hygiene measures have you put in place to comply with health standards? 

Masks must be worn in all communal areas by our teams and participants.

On arrival at the venue, we provide you on request with a suitable stock of masks.

Each participant will need to have one to move around outside the spaces reserved for their event (meeting room, conference room...)

Soap and water facilities and hand sanitiser gel are available in several places. 

All our teams have been trained to observe protective measures and other preventive measures specifically put in place In the hypothetical event of a confirmed or suspected case, we have trained our teams in  appropriate cleaning and disinfection processes.

- What measures have been taken in terms of on-site catering?

All our catering offers (breakfast, lunch and break areas) have evolved to adapt perfectly to health measures while at the same time guaranteeing the quality of our services. We propose "cocktail buffet" formats requiring the least possible handling while maintaining the quality of our products. For a completely safe experience, our catering offer makes you self-contained throughout your tasting.

- Do you have new terms and conditions of sale? 

 We are aware that the protective measures put in place to contain the health crisis have impacted the economic activity of many companies. To guarantee you maximum comfort and flexibility for your future event, we have relaxed our booking conditions. We invite you to view them in detail here